Scientific illustration/diorama

A school project where I made a series of scientific illustrations of a papaya. 
First I made a pencil study, and then several illustrations in watercolor. The biggest challenge was the complete botanical illustration of the plant (which was done in a large format) that portrays as many characteristics of the tree as possible.

Bachelor's studies
Year: 2019
Format: 21 × 21 cm & 50 × 70 cm
Media: pencil/watercolor

In this project I researched human decomposition and made a pamphlet offering a simplified explanation of its progression and examples of intervention of organisms.

I also made a diorama of a drowned person's hand, to show the phenomenon called washerwoman changes.

Master's studies
3rd semester/2021-22
Subject: Illustration
Media: watercolor and vector art
Mentor: doc. mag. Marija Nabernik

The next two are full-page popular-scientific illustrations for a picture dictionary.

Master's studies
3rd semester/2021
Subject: Illustration
Media: mixed
Mentor: doc. mag. Marija Nabernik best creator