Music related illustration and design

These three vinyl sleeve and sticker designs were my BA thesis project. Each of them is supposed to represent its own metal subgenre. The albums and bands were made-up in order to make a general representation of the entire subgenre. The fist one represents death metal, the second power metal and the last progressive metal. I also designed the band logos.

Bachelor's studies
Year: 2020
Format of original illustrations (the two eyes, the dragon head and the flying dragons): 85,5 × 41 cm
Diameter of stickers: 13,2 cm
Model: 30,5 × 30,5
Media: mixed
Mentor: doc. mag. Marija Nabernik
Co-mentor: izr. prof. Domen Fras

The art below was made independently over the past few years. Often times, when I feel inspired by a song, I make an illustration of it that incorporates the lyrics of the song. Some take minutes, some hours. Here I experiment with different media the most, trying to find the combination that best illustrates my interpretation of the song. 

The following CD case was a project of choosing an already existent album and illustrating the packaging.
I chose Arche by Dir En Grey.

Bachelor's studies
Year: 2019
Media: digital (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator) 

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