I’m Pika Terpin, an illustrator and designer based in Idrija, Slovenia. I am currently getting my master’s degree in illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where I also completed my bachelor's degree in the same course.

My art has been very diverse ever since I was a child. At first, it was only in choice of motive - in my drawings, princesses sometimes danced with skeletons. As I started studying illustration, the diversity in my art multiplied. I fell in love with every project, whether I was painting a scientific illustration of a papaya tree or designing a videogame. I also started experimenting with new art media, enjoying nearly everything I tried.

Having almost completed my education, I find myself most often creating using pencil, acrylic paint or digital media. Despite that, I always adapt the media to the project's demands, experimenting to find the best solution. l prefer to change course project to project - and I love a challenge.

So far, I have participated in many exhibitions and projects - you can read more about them in my biography and CV.

Instagram: @pika.terpin.illustration
Facebook: Pika Terpin
YouTube: Pika Terpin

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