The frames are hand painted one over the previous one and scanned. It took months to make but it’s one of my favourite projects I’ve done so far. 

Master’s studies
1st semester/2020-2021
Subject: Illustration IP
Mentor: doc. mag. Andrej Kamnik

I'm Not Laughing Anymore (Ne smejem se več)

Trigger warning: showing of suicide attempt

Direction, storyboard, characters and animation: Pika Terpin
Music: Left at London
Captioning: Ashlyn Napoletano
Mastering by: summet
Label: Needlejuice Records
Year: 2023

Nothing's Wrong

Trigger warning: this animated short visualizes an experience of a panic attack.

Master’s studies
2nd semester/2021
Subject: Illustration MA II
Mentor: doc. mag. Andrej Kamnik 


A short stop-motion video, where the dollmaking took longer than every other part of production combined. I really enjoyed the process though!

Bachelor's studies
Year: 2018


Trigger warning: blood

A very short frame by frame animated video I made on my own in less than a week. As a bonus, it loops!

Year: 2021

Created with Mobirise - Details here